Can Laser Hair Removal Procedure Whiten Underarms?

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Fact or Myth Can laser hair removal procedure whiten underarms

Laser hair removal procedures work by damaging hair follicles to stop them from growing hair again – hence their immense popularity!

Clients have reported the procedure is painless, likening it to flicking an elastic band. Tanning, however, should be avoided prior and post treatment.


Laser hair removal is an impressive and safe solution for permanent reduction of unwanted underarm hair. As the only permanent method available without risking skin damage or scarring, it offers quick and convenient treatment without downtime or recovery period – an attractive prospect for women tired of shaving and waxing that want the freedom to wear sleeveless tops without worry!

Though popular, laser hair removal still has many misconceptions that make some patients reluctant to give it a try. Some believe that laser hair removal is not suitable for all skin types or colors – yet nothing could be further from the truth!

Underarms with darkest skin tones can benefit from laser hair removal treatments, and especially dark underarms respond well. Laser can easily target and destroy hair follicles in this area – and within days the hair should have fallen out and your skin has lightened significantly.

Laser hair removal treatments may cause the underarm area of people with darker skin to darken temporarily; however, this effect should only last temporarily. Following treatment, patients should avoid sun exposure and apply high-sunscreen lotion immediately afterwards to protect the area; in addition to this they should refrain from shaving, waxing or using heavily-scented soaps/body washes in that area during the first 24 hours post treatment.

Darkening of the underarms may also be caused by sensitivities to certain chemicals present in laser light, typically trichloroacetic acid which is commonly found in deodorants and bleaches. A dermatologist can test for your individual susceptibility by conducting a patch test on any area of your underarm that seems susceptible.

Laser hair removal will only help to temporarily reduce body odor, since sweat-related bacteria in the underarm area produce pungent-smelling substances from sweat that result in body odor. However, laser hair removal may reduce sweat production in your underarms which will then prevent bacteria growth that leads to body odor.


If your underarms have dark patches, laser hair removal could be an ideal way to lighten them. While traditional methods like shaving and waxing can lead to skin irritation and discoloration, laser treatments offer the advantage of simultaneously eliminating unwanted underarm hair while lightening skin tone at once.

Laser treatments direct pulses of light at hair follicles in your armpits to damage and disable them from producing additional hair growth. In comparison with shaving or waxing which only last a few days at best and require multiple sessions over several weeks to see long-term results, laser hair removal offers lasting solutions which can be maintained through regular sessions.

Laser hair removal generally causes minimal pain, particularly on underarms. Before scheduling an appointment, however, it’s wise to discuss what you can expect with your professional and find ways to ease any potential discomfort, such as using an anesthetic cream prior to each session or applying cool compresses or ice packs post treatment.

Laser treatments may cause people with darker skin tones to experience temporary darkening of their underarms after treatments due to light beams used during the procedure, which disrupt the pigment in your skin, temporarily changing its hue and potentially changing color. While this issue may only be temporary, direct sun exposure after your treatments can help alleviate it and mitigate this problem.

Laser treatments offer an effective yet painless method of hair removal that’s safer than traditional methods, including ingrown hairs and chicken skin issues. Furthermore, laser hair removal helps minimize dark underarm hair by targeting only that which has dark hues – helping reduce their appearance as a whole.

If you are interested in laser hair removal for your underarms, reach out to a dermatology office for more information. Many laser centers are open evenings and weekends so you can fit an appointment into your busy schedule easily. No matter what your skin tone may be, laser hair removal could provide smooth and hairless skin without having to deal with painful ingrown hairs or razor burn.


Laser hair removal differs from shaving or waxing in that it permanently disables the follicle, stopping it from producing new hairs. Furthermore, this treatment is gentle on all skin types – including sensitive areas like underarms – without irritating it as much as shaving might. Plus it doesn’t irritate like shaving does when thick dark underarm hair is present!

Laser hair removal can effectively whiten underarms by eliminating shadowing caused by shaving and waxing, ingrown hairs, razor burn, or chicken skin – leaving a brighter underarm area overall.

Prior to beginning treatments, it’s essential that you consult an expert. They can recommend the ideal laser type and intensity for your skin tone and hair color; darker skin tones may need less intense lasers such as diode lasers to minimize risk of pigmentation changes.

Laser hair removal treatments are safe, painless and relatively fast; typically taking just a few sessions to reach desired results. Some individuals experience redness or irritation following laser hair removal sessions on armpits due to laser beams destroying skin cells, so it is advisable not to use harsh soaps or body washes immediately afterwards.

Some providers of laser hair removal provide anesthetic creams to ease any anxiety about the procedure, while others recommend cold compresses and ice packs on the area being treated. Furthermore, it’s always wise to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 protection following laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal can ultimately whiten underarms and help alleviate ingrown hairs, razor burn or chicken skin and ingrown hairs that result from temporary methods of hair-removal. Furthermore, its permanent effects will save both money and time as it prevents regular shaving or waxing appointments – for many it is worth suffering the minor discomfort for permanent, hassle-free underarms that give people confidence enough to wear sleeveless tops without feeling self-conscious! So if you want a permanent solution without shaving and waxing sessions then contact an expert today so we can see if laser hair removal could work for you!


Laser hair removal can be an excellent alternative to shaving and waxing for women who are tired of shaving their underarms regularly. Lasers permanently disable hair follicles to stop further growth; however, this does not lighten skin-lightening procedures such as hydroquinone creams or topical vitamin E treatments; therefore tretinoin should also be combined with such solutions in order to achieve maximum underarm lightening results.

Your specialist will use protective gel on the armpit area to reduce irritation before moving a handheld device in a circular pattern over it, feeling each laser pulse as though a rubber band was being snapped against your skin or an injection with needle. Depending on your pain threshold, anesthetic cream may also be applied before beginning treatment.

A series of 6 to 10 laser sessions is necessary for optimal results, with each treatment lasting six weeks apart to allow unaffected hair follicles time to transition into their next growth stage and be targeted again by the laser treatment. With each treatment session you should witness an incremental reduction in both thickness and darkness of underarm hair growth.

Laser hair removal also has the additional advantage of eliminating body odor caused by sweat accumulation in your underarms. The smell results from bacteria present on your body converting sweat into acids which produce this pungent smell. Shaving can temporarily help, but may irritate and discolor underarms in addition to leading to ingrown hairs that darken them further. Furthermore, some deodorants contain chemicals which further stain and darken underarms.

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