Can Laser Hair Removal Treat Keratosis Pilaris?

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Can Laser Hair Removal Treat Keratosis Pilaris

If sandpaper-like bumps appear on your arms, buttocks or thighs, this could be keratosis pilaris – also referred to as chicken skin. Millions of people worldwide suffer from it.

Laser treatments can reduce the appearance of keratosis pilaris by targeting melanin pigment and turning it into heat; this heat damages hair follicles to stop future hair growth and thus helps stop future breakouts.

Ingrown hairs

Many individuals with Keratosis Pilaris notice their skin becoming bumpy and itchy, with ingrown hairs often caused by shaving or harsh exfoliants, that can become both irritating and painful to deal with. Plucking these hairs out often proves futile as this will only add further skin irritation.

Laser hair removal treatments offer effective relief for this skin condition. In this procedure, melanin in hair follicles is targeted and converted to heat which destroys them preventing future production of any more hair follicles – eliminating itching and bumps associated with this skin condition while eliminating the need for plucking or other aggressive exfoliant methods.

When using laser hair removal to treat this skin condition, it is crucial that a qualified and experienced practitioner be chosen who has undergone training on how best to deal with your particular type of skin. Furthermore, make sure your practitioner has registered with a regulatory body as they must meet minimum standards of training, skill, and insurance.

Ingrown hairs occur when hair becomes trapped beneath the surface of your skin and starts growing sideways rather than upwards, due to factors like shaving, using harsh exfoliants or genetics. When this happens, an inflammatory response occurs as your body attempts to kill what it perceives as an invader – leading to redness, itching and raised protrusions on the surface of the skin – becoming quite painful for many people and often embarrassing as well. Ingrown hairs can be extremely uncomfortable causing significant levels of embarrassment for many people when ingrowns are visible – many find them very uncomfortable while many other people find them embarrassing as a major source of embarrassment when out-and-about!

Laser hair removal can be an excellent way to prevent ingrown hairs and significantly enhance the look of your skin. Regular sessions, which vary between individuals, are necessary to achieve results – these may range from every four weeks for facial hair and six weeks for body hair. When considering this option with your dermatologist it is wise to discuss its potential benefits and risks beforehand to determine if laser hair removal is right for you.


Keratosis pilaris affects some individuals with discoloration on areas affected by this skin condition, although no cure exists at present. Moisturizers may help reduce bumps and redness associated with it, though if these treatments fail to provide relief then laser treatment could provide the needed solution to eliminate rough patches and bumps altogether.

Laser light energy works by targeting melanin in the hair follicle and converting it to heat, causing the follicle to close off and stop producing new hair growth. This also can remove any clogged or pigmentation-producing hairs which contribute to keratosis pilaris; while there is no guarantee this method will completely eradicate symptoms associated with it for all patients suffering from it, many find it an effective solution.

Before beginning laser treatment sessions, it is essential that you speak to your practitioner about what outcomes you wish to see from this therapy and any results or complications they should expect from you. Also discuss allergies related to treatment as well as any concerns with regard to potential complications posed by this method of therapy.

Before beginning laser hair removal sessions, it is essential that you refrain from waxing or shaving the area you will be treating for several weeks prior. This allows the laser to properly detect hair follicles without too much hair being shed off at one time – this could potentially harm skin tissue by extracting too much at once. In addition, wear loose-fitting clothing which won’t rub against the treatment area during each session.

After receiving laser hair removal treatments, it is recommended to use a moisturizer with at least an SPF 30 sunscreen to protect treated skin from direct sunlight and other environmental elements that could lead to pigmentation problems. You should also avoid taking hot showers or baths as this may irritate the skin further.


Laser treatments involve emitting a beam of light into a hair follicle, heating and shutting it down so as to stop producing new hair growth in the future. They also stimulate collagen production which improves skin texture and can reduce bumps. To ensure the light only reaches its intended target (follicle), shaving prior to your appointment should help ensure its absorption by only these target tissues rather than other tissues; but beware not shaving too long in advance as this could damage skin surface layers. It is best not to use any darkening skin creams which darken your skin surface before this procedure; use only light colored cosmetics before your session!

Keratosis pilaris can be alleviated using various treatments, including exfoliants and moisturizers, laser therapy treatments, or both. Laser therapies may help eliminate bumpy patches caused by this condition – these procedures can be conducted either at your dermatologist’s office or laser clinic.

Laser treatments involve your dermatologist pressing a handheld device against your skin to trigger the laser, which may cause some mild discomfort akin to an elastic band snapping against it. Treatment sessions typically last 15-60 minutes depending on the size and scope of the area being treated; topical numbing cream should be applied prior to appointments to reduce pain or discomfort.

Many people with keratosis pilaris report seeing significant improvement from receiving laser treatments; however, multiple sessions may be required for noticeable results to emerge. Furthermore, it’s essential not to scrub or pick at affected areas as this could worsen symptoms further.

If your skin has become bumpy or sandpaper-like over time and no amount of treatments has provided relief, laser treatment could be the perfect way to address the condition. Lasers can remove outer layers of skin to eliminate bumps, rough patches and brown spots associated with Keratosis Pilaris.


Ingrown hairs can be an unsightly nuisance, and should be addressed as quickly as possible. When left untreated, ingrowns can lead to infection, scarring, hyperpigmentation and inflammation of the surrounding skin. Laser hair removal offers one effective solution; sending energy directly into each individual hair follicle targets their root source of heat energy to heat melanin deposits which then causes them to die off and cease producing new hair growth altogether – not only that but laser also removes red or flesh-colored bumps associated with Keratosis pilaris syndrome!

An ever-present issue for many is unwanted body or facial hair that detracts from their complexion and skin tone. Laser hair removal can significantly decrease this amount, leaving behind smooth, silky skin that’s beautiful to look at.

Laser treatments are an effective means of treating keratosis pilaris when used alongside other skincare products and procedures, including moisturizers and loofah exfoliation treatments. Together these products and treatments can help alleviate its appearance by decreasing inflammation and exfoliating dead skin cells from beneath.

Laser treatment of keratosis pilaris cannot provide a permanent cure; at best it may reduce their appearance but they’ll likely return over time. While alternative approaches such as diet or medical cannabis may help, an integrative treatment approach remains the most efficient approach to dealing with this condition.

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