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Men who have become weary of dealing with razor burn and the five o’clock shadow have turned increasingly to laser treatments as a permanent way to eliminate facial hair. Laser treatments thin the hairs making them easier to trim and shape into desired forms.

Lasers emit light that absorbs dark pigment in hair follicles, dissolving them and preventing new hair growth there. This painless procedure takes only minutes!

Ideal Candidates

If you’re tired of waking up every morning to find your beard sporting an unruly five o’clock shadow or want to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth that re-emerges no matter how often you wax or shave, laser facial hair removal could be the perfect solution. This non-invasive procedure uses pulses of light to target and eradicate individual follicles for good, leaving your face hairfree and smooth!

Women tend to turn to laser hair removal more often, but men are increasingly turning to this procedure for hair removal on their faces and necks as well. Many find their facial hair is thicker than they want or has an unflattering color like gray that doesn’t complement their skin tone, while others simply tire of shaving, plucking, and waxing their beards in an attempt to maintain neat and tidy beards.

Though ideal candidates for laser hair reduction typically possess lighter skin tones and hair color, recent advances in technology mean that now more people who were once considered nonviable candidates can safely undergo treatment. One such FDA-approved device, LightSheer DUET Laser is capable of safely treating darker skin tones using its dual wavelengths of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser for effective treatments that include areas close to eyes (though not eyebrows).

Before your laser facial hair removal appointment, it is necessary to shave the area. This will ensure that light pulses reach hair follicles without being blocked by thicker or denser areas of hair. Furthermore, avoid plucking or waxing the area for six weeks prior to scheduling treatment and moisturize it prior to scheduling any creams or lotions on it.

At first, this type of treatment seems permanent; however, fine hairs may grow back after multiple sessions. Your skincare specialist will give you an estimate as to the number of sessions needed in order to achieve desired results for your specific situation.

Treatment Time

Laser hair removal utilizes a laser device that emits pulses of light into the skin, targeting and dismantling pigmented hair follicles to break down and eliminate hair growth, thus preventing new strands from sprouting back again. Each pulse of the laser takes just a fraction of a second and can treat multiple hairs at once – without pain or downtime! Treatment typically lasts less than a minute for small areas while larger bodies could take up to an hour for full body coverage. Avoid sun exposure and avoid using self-tanners before your appointment as laser treatments don’t work well with tanned skin. Shave or wax prior to treatment as this helps the laser reach hair follicles more quickly; also try not to rub or scratch treated area afterward and don’t use depilatory creams or razors!

Plan on attending six to nine laser treatments for optimal results. During these sessions, the laser will effectively rid yourself of most unwanted facial hair. Though some hair may grow back later on after your laser sessions have concluded, it will likely be thinner and sparser than before. While you will still need to shave occasionally for best results, no longer will stubble or five-o’clock shadow be an issue.

Men seeking to reduce shaving time may benefit from having their beards sculpted with laser hair removal in order to get rid of that pesky five-o’clockshadow and reduce daily shaving needs by opting for laser hair removal instead of shaving themselves. Shaving can cause razor burn and ingrown hairs; while laser hair removal will eliminate both these problems while also helping thin out their hair thickness making beard or goatee maintenance simpler.

Before undertaking laser hair removal, ensure you find an experienced practitioner with proper training and licensure. Registers that demonstrate this are often useful; additionally read reviews from satisfied clients or seek referrals. It’s essential that this life-altering procedure is undertaken confidently!

Side Effects

Laser facial hair removal is an efficient treatment (no need to take time off work) using concentrated laser light to effectively reduce the number of hair follicles that produce hair follicles that grow, working across all skin tones and types. Treatment sessions usually last less than 20 minutes and can be used on neck, cheeks, upper lip and chin hair removal as well as to define and sculpt jaw lines or beards; additionally ingrown hairs or razor burn may be eliminated during sessions; lasting results should take more than one session but will lead to long term reduction of facial hair growth.

Laser hair removal may cause minor side effects, but they’re unlikely and usually limited to the first week post procedure. Some individuals may experience tingling sensations or minor discomfort while receiving laser therapy; untrained people using the laser on dark complexions could result in scarring. The best way to prevent scarring from happening is choosing a practitioner registered with an organization which sets standards for training and skills.

Other side effects may include temporary redness and swelling after treatment; however, this should subside once your hair follicles die off. For those who have sensitive skin, applying an ice pack may help ease any discomfort during this phase of therapy.

If you are considering laser hair removal, it is recommended to refrain from shaving or waxing the targeted area six weeks before your appointment to allow the laser to accurately target hair follicles without burning nearby skin cells. In addition, direct sun exposure must also be avoided during this timeframe.

Many men undergo laser beard shaping and hair removal because they dislike the look of stubble or five o’clock shadow, as well as keeping their beard neat and tidy while at work (particularly those in more formal positions). Laser beard sculpting provides men with a permanent solution to unwanted facial hair growth.


Men are finding permanent relief from unwanted facial hair with laser treatments. From razor burn to creating an elegant appearance, laser hair removal offers men a permanent solution for unwanted facial hair growth. Unlike shaving or waxing which may leave red bumpy skin behind, laser hair removal uses advanced devices to safely and painlessly remove hair without harming surrounding tissues – plus it takes much less time!

Males can use laser treatments to trim down and shape their beards through beard shaping – a quick process using concentrated laser light that reduces regrowth. It is ideal for men with thick beards that are difficult to manage; treatments can be conducted on full faces or neck areas as well as those whose beards have grown into corners of mouths or necks causing itchy skin conditions such as rashes.

Many men use beard shaping to get rid of the five o’clock shadow, or dark patch of hair that grows back after shaving, and help get rid of razor cuts that cause itchy skin irritations. Furthermore, laser beard shaping can eliminate ingrown hairs and beardruff itch.

Not only do men experience unwanted chest and back hair growth, but some also opt for laser beard treatments in order to remove this unsightly fuzz and make themselves more appealing. Laser treatments also can eliminate body sweat odor.

Though laser hair removal treatments are commonly associated with women, men have recently realized the permanent solution available through this procedure for unwanted facial and body hair. Many men have grown weary of shaving or waxing for this task and prefer laser treatments as it gives a sleek, smooth appearance that cannot be achieved using other hair removal methods.

Cost of laser beard removal will depend on various factors, including how much hair needs to be removed and which machine will be used during treatment. To get an estimate for laser hair removal in your particular case, reach out to a plastic surgeon’s office. They will be able to give an accurate quote of its costs for you.

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