Laser Hair Removal in Calabasas Reviews

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Laser Hair Removal in Calabasas Reviews

Laser treatments work best when applied to hair in its anagen growth phase – that means actively growing. Therefore, for smooth skin without unwanted hair growth you’ll need four to six treatments every four to six weeks at four to six week intervals.

Contrary to shaving and waxing, which only remove hair at its surface level, laser light destroys hair follicles so they no longer grow back – meaning no need for daily shaving and waxing!


Laser light differs from shaving and waxing in that it heats the pigment to damage follicles and stop hair growth altogether. At our dermatology clinic in Calabasas, Alma’s patented SHR(tm) technology is used, which has garnered global acclaim and is considered safe for any skin type including dark and tanned. Plus Glacial Tech(tm) cooling keeps treatment areas comfortable during treatment sessions.

One of the primary complaints about shaving, waxing or epilating is ingrown hairs – they can be very painful! With laser treatments however, ingrown hairs can be completely eradicated while also helping you prevent them in future.

Laser hair removal does not cause cuts or burns, making it safer than other hair removal treatments. While it may cause temporary swelling or bumpy texture in the treated area, these side effects usually only last a few hours and can be relieved with aloe vera or other recommended topical products.

Laser hair removal treatments offer more long-term solutions for unwanted hair than any other method, typically taking four to six treatments to reach desired results. After that, hair will likely no longer grow back – and if it does return it should be thinner, lighter, and finer than ever.

Laser hair removal also has another great advantage – cutting down on how much time is spent shaving or waxing body hair, saving time that would otherwise be spent doing these tasks.

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Ingrown Hairs

Unwanted hair growth can occur anywhere on your body, but it’s particularly annoying when it crops up on delicate areas like your face or legs. Shaving, waxing and hair removal creams offer temporary solutions but may leave behind redness and ingrown hairs; laser hair removal provides permanent results while being more comfortable than other methods for eradicating unwanted hair growth.

Dr. Guanche emphasizes the importance of targeting pigment (melanin) within hair follicles to disable them; to achieve maximum efficacy with laser treatments it’s vital to minimize sun exposure and use skin lightening cream prior to getting laser treatments done, in addition to shaving your treatment area immediately before any laser session begins.

As part of your laser hair removal treatment, you’ll lie back as a specialist uses a handheld device to target individual hairs with laser light. You may feel some warmth or cold as they pass over your skin; cooling gel or numbing cream may be applied for added comfort.

Dr. Guanche notes that laser treatment heats the pigment within hair follicles to permanently stop production of new hairs, typically taking four or six treatments to accomplish permanent hair reduction and potentially needing annual touch-ups to maintain results.

Once your laser sessions are over, any new hair that grows back will be finer and lighter, no longer leading to rashes and ingrown hairs. Furthermore, they may help diminish other imperfections like moles or age spots that might exist on your body.

If you’re tired of shaving, waxing, or using shave-cream to remove unwanted hair, schedule an Excel HR laser consultation at Derm & Rejuvenation Institute in Calabasas today. Our skilled providers can help you achieve the beautiful, flawless look you’ve always desired – plus teach you how to care for your skin post-treatments! Get in touch now so we can start you on your path towards smooth skin! Get in touch now to start!

Less Discomfort

Laser hair removal offers an ideal alternative to shaving and waxing. While shaving may cause cuts, nicks, burns and sticky residue on your skin from waxing, both treatments can leave it bumpy, red and swollen; laser hair removal provides much more precise treatments without any of these side effects.

Laser hair removal involves passing a special laser light over your skin and targeting pigment, heating up hair follicles until they damage, thus inhibiting further hair growth. Although not permanent, multiple sessions of this process may significantly decrease both hair thickness and growth rate over time.

When opting for laser hair removal, our Motus AY Alexandrite Laser machine offers pain-reducing treatment by applying topical anesthetic. Next, they press a hand-held laser instrument against your skin; finally they use its built-in cooling device to ease any discomfort during treatment.

Laser hair removal targets the area you wish to treat with pulses of laser light and treats unwanted hair with pulses. You may need multiple sessions before seeing results; for optimal results you should avoid shaving, waxing and plucking for several weeks prior to beginning laser treatment; additionally you should wear sunscreen to protect yourself against UV radiation after your session and for at least a month post treatment.

Laser light destroys hair follicles entirely, unlike shaving which only removes the tip of hair growth. As such, when the hairs do eventually return they often grow back thinner and finer and take longer to grow back out.

Laser hair removal should be administered four to six times for best results. Your hair grows in cycles, and laser treatments only target hair in its anagen phase of growth. If it has been too long since your last treatment session, your telogen or catagen hairs may grow back faster than expected and be less effective.

Smoother Skin

Laser hair removal may be the answer for those tired of shaving, waxing and using hair removal creams to rid themselves of unwanted hair. Although laser hair removal cannot guarantee permanent hair loss, it does delay growth while making any new growth thinner and sparser than before when it does reappear – leaving behind smoother and softer skin textures as a result and ending painful razor burn and ingrown hairs for good!

At our medical spa, our laser machine features an advanced dual-wavelength aesthetic platform for maximum precision and effectiveness in treatments such as laser hair removal. Highly controlled flashes of light target the pigment (melanin) in unwanted hair without harming surrounding skin tissue.

Lumenis Splendor X devices provide a safe and effective method to eliminate unwanted hair on any area of the face or body, such as stomach, arms, legs, bikini line, neck or underarms. Our Lumenis Splendor X device can even treat darker skin tones by combining two wavelengths that can be syncronized based on hair or body location.

Laser hair removal treatments at our practice offer patients an ideal way to achieve a cleaner and smoother complexion, making them feel confident without needing to worry about pesky stray hairs appearing on their skin surface. Furthermore, results of our laser hair removal treatments last far longer than shaved or waxed treatments and don’t require constant reapplication – an advantage you won’t have with either method!

Lasers offer precise, needle-free treatments to address scars, stretch marks, moles or spider veins on your skin as well as wrinkles and tattoos. Many treatments are painless and only take minutes to perform; to find out which options would best fit you schedule an appointment with one of our aestheticians today!

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